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Prices & Packages

Customized Chiropractic & Sports Med Care

Initial Visit: Exam & Adjustment              $150    

Single Visit                                                 $80

6 Visit Package ($55 savings)                    $425 ($71/visit)

10 Visit Package ($120 savings)                $680 ($68/visit)



Single Treatment                                      $50

5 Treatment Package ($50 savings)         $200 ($40 each)

Rehabilitation Only

Per session                                                     $50


"Do you accept insurance?"

We do not bill any insurance. By being a self-pay practice, it allows us to focus on the optimal care of our clients, which is our top priority. We can, however, provide a Superbill that can be submitted insurance for possible reimbursement. We do not make any guarantees that insurance will reimburse for any out-of-network provider care. 

"Do you see patients with Medicare?"

Unfortunately due to Medicare rules and regulations, we cannot see Medicare patients for chiropractic adjustments. We can provide other services including targeted rehabilitation, soft tissue treatments, and modalities. If you have Medicare and are interested in how Pacific Performance Chiropractic can help, contact us for more information!

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