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About Jamie Shortz, DC, MS

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Dr. Jamie Shortz is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician®, dressage competitor, runner, wife, and mom. She started Pacific Performance Chiropractic to help individuals achieve their health and performance goals through chiropractic, sports medicine, and fitness education.


Dr. Jamie has always been passionate about working with athletes, so after graduating from Life West Chiropractic College she went on to get her Masters in Sports Medicine from University of Western States and certification as a Chiropractic Sports Physician® through the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians. With a solid foundation in sports medicine, rehab, and fitness, she works together with clients to develop a comprehensive plan of adjustments, therapies, rehab, and fitness to achieve short and long term goals.

While she loves working with any active individual, her true specialty is helping fellow equestrians. She is a lifelong dressage competitor, having moved through the junior, young rider, and developing rider ranks and achieved her USDF bronze, silver, and gold medals. When not at the office, she can usually be found riding her horses or coaching a small group of students in the Bay Area. As a rider and trainer as well as a doctor, she has a unique perspective on the physical needs of the equestrian athlete that she brings to her practice. 

Her wife, Dr. Savannah Shortz, is a chiropractic radiologist and a professor at Life West Chiropractic College. They have a perfect baby boy, Declan James, who was born in December 2021. They have three dogs (Clyde, Gryffin, and Leo) and two dressage horses (Jamie's long-time FEI partner Winzalot and a young mare Bolide HSR). She grew up in Livermore and is so happy to be back serving her hometown community!

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Jamie and Winzalot competing at FEI

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Jamie performing mobile chiropractic at her first practice, Elite Chiropractic for Riders


Jamie's wife, Dr. Savannah Shortz, and son Declan

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